BLACK ROSE ketting
by Dario Scapitta


BLACK ROSE ketting

Mooi collier dat is gemaakt van polyamide. Het materiaal is bestendig, flexibel en zeer licht. De collier is comfortabel om te dragen elke dag of voor een bepaalde gelegenheid. Materiaal en kleur zijn waterbestendig, maar we raden u aan om niet het te vaak dragen in contact met water.


Deze collier is op bestelling gemaakt. De productietijd is tussen 2 tot 3 weken na de bestelling.

Category: Sieraden
Tags: black rose, collier, dario scapitto, ketting,

Design Scapitta Design

Nature, art, architecture, fashion.
These are just some of the many source of inspiration for the Dario Scapitta Design’s creations. New interpretation and contemporary shapes to create unique jewelry, made using advanced technologies as 3d printing. Each object is highlighted by a touch of glamour and elegance, that does not leave you indifferent.
My work is evolving every day, always looking new forms and material combinations.
My creation are not just jewelry, but modern body ornaments. Comfortable and easy to wear e very day or in a special event, always to highlight your style.

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